Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Nephews

Currently I am sitting at the river center listening to beautiful music and watching tourists. I have proof see?? Ok that's not really proof because I could have taken it anytime but just take my word for it ok. :P
Last night I had no hopes of it turning cold again. I guess I was wrong. Hello freezing fingers and 42 degrees. I think it's time for a coffee.

I finally got the pictures from family christmas. It made me laugh because when I started going through them I realized that nearly all of them were of the sweet baby nephews. What can I say?? We love them a lot and they were pretty much the highlight of everything. I hope you enjoy a peek into our New Year. 

Husband and I took this opportunity to practice with the babies a lot. lol!
Even though I look awkward here I promise it wasn't that bad. :P 

Edward isn't very content sitting still. He loves to take his people for walks. He doesn't trust himself yet but when he does....look out world. 
Uh,....uncle artem i want to walk...hello!!
While I played with babies the more industrious of "us" made some yummy pancakes for breakfast.
She's gorgeous am I right?? The lovely sister in law Ruth. 
Grandma definitely got some quality time with the kiddos too. :)  

Grandma and Edward being all matchy, matchy socks!!

Loving on baby Jotham. (at least until eddie tried to give him a scalping)
Opening presents from our family gift exchange. 
To say I love this little guy is a major understatement. I adore him!!! He is just so squishable and huggable and kissable. After they left I couldn't stop saying to husband "i miss eddie!!" 
Edward tries to get in on the game playing. 

Our friend Marcello joins in an amazing rendition of pictionary.
So because I am not responsible for him (and his potentially hyper self) I think this picture is hilarious. He loves soda from a straw. It was so stinking cute. 

The adorable baby Jotham and one of his many cute faces. 

Well, the fingers are officially frozen and I think it's time for something to warm the insides I think I will sign off for now. I hope you guys have a wonderful day!


  1. Love reading your posts! This was a good one. :)

  2. Your nephews are adorable! I love the picture of your mom getting a toy out of her purse. My kids also definitely know the charms Mamaw's purse holds! That picture of you at the river center is beautiful.:)