Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friend Times

It's me again. 
I'm having some time management issues and it's been hard to find time for blogging.
 Maybe they're not really issues just choices. 
What will I choose to spend my time on?

I am finding out what having a full time job is all about. It can be pretty tiring sometimes. 
I basically live for the weekend when I can spend some time with the husband and just relax.
Last weekend was super fun. Our awesome friends Leon and Trista came to see us. 
We had a lot of fun showing them around San Antonio and just catching up with each others lives. 
This lovely couple is getting married in July and we are so super excited to be there for it. 
Huddled around the computer playing Driver SF. Go Leon!!
We took them to the top of our parking garage to give them a unique view of the city. 
 While walking around we saw this dog watching out of an apartment window 4 or 5 stories up. 
This is basically the definition of a city dog. lol!
 Getting ready to give them the real "tourist" experience. Boat ride on the river!!! :) 
The other guy at the end is Trista's Dad Rob. 
 On Sunday we hung out together with my family and some friends from church.
This spring weather is a little more than perfect. I love it!

 I think it's safe to say that husband doesn't have a much better friend than this guy. 
They turn into such goofballs when they're around each other. 
Here they are making fun of how girls take pictures. 
Cracked me up so bad. :)

Anyway they're pretty awesome. 

Spring time beauties!!!

I am in the possession of this little treasure right now.
It's a traveling journal. 
A world traveler this book is. 
It circulates among myself and a few of my best friends. 
Canada, Grenada, and U.S. 
We take turns writing about our life and adding pictures, drawings and whatever we want. 
I always look way forward to getting this package in the mail. 

That's it for now. I have to go put little Em down for a nap. 

Oh Btw...  I won't be posting my blogs to Facebook anymore. 
I'm going to try and keep the two separate.
If you've been keeping track of me through that then you might want to find other means. 
You can sign up for email updates or follow me with google friend connect. could always add me to your favorites bar. lol!! 



  1. loved your post, Laura! maybe it's cause your friends are pretty special to us, too:)you could say we're a tad jealous. lol. Glad you had a great time:))

  2. I love that idea of a traveling journal! How unique and special! Might have to think about doing that with some of my friends.
    Thanks for sharing!