Thursday, March 29, 2012

If You Love Them...

...let them know. 

I came home from work yesterday to find that husband had completely re-organized, fixed up and cleaned the whole house. Including wash my filthy windows that needed it so bad. Do you have idea how much of a big deal that is? 

It's huge!!
To me.
Why yes, I did totally sit there taking pictures of him like a stalker because I thought he was so cute. 
He makes me feel so loved. 
Why won't she stop taking pictures??.....I'm going to look away and pretend I don't notice. 

He has this way of showing me how much he loves me with even the littlest things he does.

Like holding me close and slow dancing in the kitchen even though dancing is not his thing. 

I am actually trying to make a point here believe it or not. 
If God has blessed you with someone to love, show them. 
Even if it means doing something that doesn't come natural to you.
Especially if that's the case. 
I'm telling you...I've been on the receiving end and it means the world. 

Today I'm thankful for a godly husband who loves me and knows how to show it. 

What I made for dinner last night.
Fresh french bread with a shrimp, bacon and cheddar cheese mixture spread inside and heated in the oven. 

It kind of looks gross but it wasn't too bad actually. 
I don't really like shrimp much. :( 

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to show our love. What a great surprise for you to come home to lovely, organized house! I would have totally been blown away.