Thursday, April 26, 2012

Instant Life

Another picture update my friends.

Life has been busy of late but so rewarding and fun.
I feel so humbled at how God blesses us. 
I'm back to work this week helping out with the new baby and learning the ropes.
It honestly hasn't felt like work. 
The house is a bustle with friends, family and neighbors coming in to see the baby. 
We eat, we laugh, we talk and play with babies. 

Lovin' it!

Last weekend we had a fun hot dog roast at my brothers house. 
A lot of things can change but family is always family. 

Never try and take a serious picture with this guy. 

When I'm shopping I snap pictures of things that catch my eye. 
Inspiration I say. 

This awesome retro trike makes me want to be a kid again. 
Out to lunch with the husband at the Cheesecake Factory. 
My new studded sandals.
They sparkle!! 

At work with my precious babies.

Aren't her lips just perfect?
Emily getting sleepy. 

What would I do with out my phone camera?? 
That's literally all I use anymore. 
It's just so handy to always have it with me. 
Anyway...looking forward to another weekend. 

Praying you have a blessed one! 

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