Tuesday, August 7, 2012

21 Weeks

Just a quick post here with the bump update. 
I know these feel like they come forever fast since I was off track last week but I'm trying to get back on schedule with posting on the actual day of the rollover. We'll see if I can can stick with it. 

Baby S @ 21 Weeks
I can now officially say I am past the half way point. 
Three cheers!!

So I told you I'm probably going to stick to maxi skirts right? Well...who knew they were so comfortable. I had a few before but they were all pretty boring colors like black. You can't wear black everyday I'm telling you. So anyway...they're just really comfortable and light weight. At least the ones I have. Of course if you're preggo like me you'll find that a lot of maxi skirts are available with stretchy waist bands (as opposed to pencil skirts) which basically is the reason they can work for you as you grow. Here's a tip though....if you're short you should probably wear them with some sort of heels or wedges just to keep from getting lost in them. 

I keep seeing these super cute diy baby onesies on pinterest and think they look like so much fun. As many pregnant friends that I have right now maybe we should have a day to get together and make cute onesies for our babies. Anyone? 


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