Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What I Love Wednesday (2nd Edition)

It's Wednesday again my friends.
I did my first What I love Wednesday post last week and decided I'll do one again today.
Just a few things I'm loving.

Pretty Vanities.
Maybe someday I'll have one.

I just recently scored some cool stuff for husband there and today I completely fell in love with their kids clothes. So cute!! Basically I always fall in love with their stuff so nothing new there.

 My Samsung Galaxy S3.
A gift from my husband.
I'm finding more reasons to love it every day.
I haven't found a way to make them that I didn't like and they're one of husband's favorites.
Can't wait to go shopping and get some more cause we're out. 
If you need some recipes I have a few on my Pinterest account over here and one of my favorite ways to make it here.

I guess that's all for today.
What are you guys loving right now?

I'm linking up to Lollipops again. 
Go check it out if you want. I got featured on the blog this wk. Thanks :) 

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