Saturday, August 18, 2012

An Eggs Benedict Sort Of Day

Hey guys!
Haven't been around for a while.
I guess we'll just pretend that didn't happen and move on from here.

Just a few random pictures from this past week.
It's been a pretty fun week for me. 
Wednesday I got to hang out with a friend. Lunch @ The Taste and shopping to our hearts content. Yes please!
Thursday the same friend and I cleaned a house for some one from our fellowship.
Friday I went and hung out with some kids for the day cause their Mom was on vacation and the dad was at work. It definitely wasn't babysitting because we just hung out and talked and laughed and watched the Chipmunks. (and they told me some great jokes) Ha ha! Kids are great! 

I tried a couple new recipes this past week. 
One was this very simple fish taco recipe.
Click on the link if you want the recipe.
It turned out pretty good but I think if I make it again I would just bake the fish in the oven and then add the remaining ingredients over top the fish once I put it in the taco. I didn't particularly care for cooking the fish in a pan. We also added some cheese because we are cheese lovers. 

Second thing husband and I learned to do this past week is make poached eggs. Hello world I am in love!!! So I always assumed that making poached eggs was hard but after watching this video I thought....seriously how hard can it be.

Turns out that it's actually one of the easiest ways to make eggs ever!! 
I'm a little picky when it comes to eggs and this way you can make them to perfection every time. 
A little tip. If you like the centers of your eggs cooked all the way through leave the egg for 8 to 10 min. If you still want the inside runny (like my husband like it) only leave it for 4 or 5 min. 
So this morning...we decided since we had "mastered" (i'm kidding) the art of making poached eggs why not go a step further and make Eggs Benedict. 
We used this recipe except for the two of us I didn't quite make a whole batch of the hollandaise sauce. Also it doesn't say this in the recipe but we actually heated the sauce in a double boiler while whipping it vigorously to get it to thicken the way it was supposed to be.  
For this recipe you will want you're eggs to be a little runny on the inside as that adds to the flavor. 
Let's just say it was delicious!!
The best part is that husband cleaned the kitchen up for me after. What a gem!
Yesterday we stopped at central market. Love that place! Anyhoo...they had these cool old fashioned candies in "old fashioned" tin containers. So awesome. It's the total perfect addition to my grandma self. bahaha! 
 When I got home there was a package in the mail. Scream!!! I love packages fyi. Doesn't everyone?
My wonderful amazing sister in law sent these cool vintage looking paris fabrics. I'm going to make them into pillows I think. 
 That's all for now. Today is just a lazy day at home with the husband. Snuggle time!! 
Have a good weekend! 


  1. Haha Laura! Are you sure those were great jokes? :) Thanks again for coming, it was lots of fun :) ~Alyssa

    1. yeah the jokes were fantastic!! :P I told them to Artem. lol!