Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Insta Life

Hi guys!
I had a very relaxing and fun weekend. The best birthday present I got was a gift from God. It rained all night the night before my birthday. I was so happy for reals! I love rain and I felt like God was sending me a special message through it. 

I went for a lovely bike ride this morning and it was so pleasant outside.
Peacock Alley, San Antonio Texas
San Fernando Catherdral @ the Main Plaza
Beautiful flowers along the way. 

Yesterday I had my Midwife appointment. Everything is going great according to her. Baby S is so busy moving these days that sometimes I can hardly sleep. We listened to his little heartbeat although he kept trying to wiggle away from it. I have literally popped out with the belly big time as you can see. I'm now 23 wks. I am so bad about not taking my bump pictures. I just get so frustrated with the self timer thing and it doesn't help that I don't have a tripod. I took this photo while resting before church on sunday. I had to laugh at my funny little bump.

  I don't often make meals like this one but I was so in the mood for some down home cooking that I made some homemade mashed potatoes and meatloaf the other day. It was so yummy! I have been craving meatloaf of all things. 

 I added a whole bunch of stuff to my "Shop My Closet" page over there on the left. Come check it out. 

Catch up with you later.

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