Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Instagram Photo Blast - Zion

So here's a quick photo blast of baby Zion. This is for those of you who don't follow my instagram @urbanstarlings or fb. 

I can go a little crazy taking pictures but I guess after everything I went through to get this little guy I deserve the right to be a cheesy obsessed mama. Just saying! Take it or leave it.  

Happy 3 wks baby boy!!

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  1. So glad to see this post! Don't know you but I follow your blog and have been checking frequently to see news about your baby! =) Like the name you picked. Happy he's here and looks super healthy...hope you are feeling great and the adjustments are going smoothly. Even though it was 3 years ago, I can well remember the changes a first baby brings! Love to you and your family of three.