Saturday, June 15, 2013

InstaBull (Make Your Own RedBull)

Guys, I officially have the best husband ever!!! Came home yesterday from a day out to find the husband was already home and did all of our laundry. Washed, folded and put away. He's unbelievable. So....I'm enjoying a nice relaxing Saturday instead of the anticipated busy laundry day. No I don't always wait til Saturday to do my laundry but unfortunately that's how it was going to fall this week. Thank you Artem!!!

So now...I just updated my facebook saying that life just got real. Why? I'll tell you. Because folks, we just made our first very own "redbull" at home.  
We have had this awesome penguin sodastream from Williams-Sonoma for a over a year now and we totally love it. We got it for the sole purpose of making our own sparking water to which we sometimes add fresh lemon, cucumber or lime. It's nothing personal Perrier, we just no longer need you. 

 Unfortunately, the husband and I have a little addiction to this wonderful sweet nectar from heaven called RedBull. I can't tell you how often we wished to have that stuff on tap at our house.   Never thought it would actually come true though. Enter soda stream Energy Syrup which says it compares to Redbull. What??! Is it true? Can you make your own RedBull?
We had to find out.

We decided to put it to the ultimate test. We picked a bottle of the Sodastream Energy Syrup and a RedBull. Back at the house we mixed up our own concoction according to the directions given. We poured one cup redbull and one cup instabull (as we decided to call it). With eyes closed we tried both to see if we could tell the difference. We both could. On the other hand we were shocked to find that it definitely tasted the same aside from the the fact that the homemade one tasted a little bit sweeter and stronger. After playing with it a bit we found that by actually adding a bit less syrup than recommended it was almost identical. After continuing to taste between the two we discovered the homemade stuff was tasting better than the actual RedBull. Shocked!!! 
As you can see originally the InstaBull was mixed a bit stronger therefore appeared darker. In the next picture you'll see they are almost identical which was after we changed the ratio up a bit. 

 Do the math guys! This is insane. 
On a side note. You have to be careful. It's never a good idea to drink this stuff without restraint. Save the speech, we are well aware of the fact that this isn't necessarily healthful for you and we wouldn't recommend drinking more than the suggested serving size.   

That's it for now guys! Hope you're having a great weekend. 

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